Our Flavors

An in-depth look at our flavors:

    Our Cake Flavors

    • Vanilla Bean cake: Fluffy and creamy vanilla bean cake which has the perfect balance of sweetness from vanilla and a subtle hint of salt.
    • Chocolate cake: Tender and delicate chocolate cake made with deep Guittard cocoa powder.

    Our Buttercream Flavors

    • Vanilla buttercream: Fluffy Vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, the base of all of our buttercreams. It's perfectly sweetened from real Vanilla and a dash of salt.
    • Strawberry buttercream: Made with real strawberries - no syrups or extracts are used to flavor our buttercreams.
    • Chocolate buttercream: A light, silky, and smooth chocolate buttercream which pairs perfectly with our Guittard chocolate cake.
    • Earl Grey buttercream: Milk steeped with loose-leaf earl grey tea is folded into our Swiss meringue buttercream to create this perfect Earl Grey buttercream. This buttercream paired with our chocolate cake is one of our most popular flavors.
    • Matcha buttercream: Organic Matcha powder is whipped with our vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Our customers love to pair this with our Strawberry compote to create the perfect Strawberry Matcha flavor combination.

    Our Fillings

    • House-made Organic strawberry compote: Organic strawberries whisked with sugar until it gets to the perfect consistency for our cakes.
    • House-made Organic berry compote: A mix of organic berries whisked with sugar until it gets to the perfect consistency for our cakes.
    • House-made Hazelnut Crunch: Roasted hazelnuts are crushed with brown sugar into a sweet crumble, adding a delicious crunch. Pairs perfectly with our chocolate cake!
    • House-made Passionfruit curd: Pure passionfruit purée is blended with egg yolks, sugar, and butter to create a luscious and smooth passionfruit curd.

    Our Flavor Combination Recommendations:

    • Vanilla bean cake + strawberry buttercream + passionfruit curd
    • Vanilla bean cake + matcha buttercream + strawberry compote
    • Chocolate cake + chocolate meringue buttercream + hazelnut crunch
    • Chocolate cake + earl grey buttercream


    How long do your cake stay fresh?

    Our cakes can be served up to 3 days from your pick up date. This means that if you pick up on a Friday, you may serve by Monday. Just remember to store your cake in the fridge then take it out about 4 hours before serving to let it fully come to room temperature. 

    Vanilla Cupcakes are best served the same day of pick up, and chocolate cupcakes stay fresh until the day after pick up.

    If you are not serving your cakes the same day, we recommend not choosing a cake design which includes fresh flowers as they are prone to wilting by the next day.

    Do you offer gluten-free, dairy-free, or sugar-free/lower sugar cakes?

    While we hope to offer these options one day, we don't offer them right now and don't know if and when we will be able to. We also don't offer any custom flavors beyond what is described above. That being said, we'd love to hear your requests so we know what flavors to consider adding in the future!


    What is the best way to serve and store my cake/cupcakes?

    All cakes and cupcakes should be served at room temperature.

    Cakes: All of our cakes are stored in the refrigerator before pickup to ensure smooth transportation. Please allow 3-4 hours for cakes to come to room temperature before serving. This may take longer in colder weather. Cold cakes and buttercream will be hard and will soften up at room temperature.

    Cupcakes: Cupcakes should be served and stored at room temperature, unless it is a very warm day. If it is a warm day, pop them in the fridge then take them out to room temperature a few hours before serving.