Our Flavors

An in-depth look at our flavors:

    Our Cake Flavors

    • Vanilla Bean cake: As a vanilla cake lover, it took countless tests and tweaks for Mijji to get her vanilla cake recipe just perfect to what it is today. This fluffy yet sturdy cake doesn't skimp on real vanilla flavor and is studded with specks of vanilla beans.
    • Confetti cake: Our vanilla bean cake sprinkled with confetti.
    • Chocolate cake: Our chocolate cake, which has a moist and delicate crumb, is one of our best-selling flavors. We use Guittard Cocoa Rouge Cocoa Powder which has bittersweet character and fudge-like flavor. This cake has converted people who claim to hate sweets!
    • Lemon Poppyseed cake: This cake is for those who want a cake with a brighter flavor. Flavored with fresh organic lemons and speckled with poppyseeds, this cake is a crowd pleasing favorite.
    • Brown Sugar Carrot cake: Full of spice and carrots, this cake is for those who love the familiar and homey taste of carrot cake. 

    Our Buttercream Flavors

    • Vanilla buttercream: We use Swiss Meringue buttercream, which is the base of all of our buttercreams. Just like our vanilla bean cake, our vanilla buttercream is flavored with real vanilla and is silky smooth. Tip: just like butter is hard when it's cold, so is buttercream (since we use real butter!). Because of this, we recommend leaving our cakes out at room temperature for a few hours before serving to get the buttercream to soften.
    • Strawberry buttercream: Packed full of organic strawberry flavor, our strawberry buttercream is one of our most popular flavors. We don't skimp on the strawberry aspect, and based on your reactions we know it will always be on our menu!
    • Matcha buttercream: For the Matcha lovers! We use organic Matcha powder to create our Matcha buttercream, and our customers love to pair this with our Strawberry dream cake and one of our house-made berry compotes.
    • Chocolate Ganache buttercream: We make a deep chocolate ganache which gets added to Swiss Meringue buttercream to create this luscious chocolate ganache buttercream. Chocolate lovers love to pair this with our chocolate cake, and due to the delicate flavors of the cake and buttercream, it's not too overwhelming of a combination.
    • Coffee buttercream: Strongly brewed coffee gets mixed with our Swiss Meringue buttercream to create this bittersweet flavor that coffee lovers crave. It's the perfect pairing to our Chocolate cake!
    • Earl Grey buttercream: We steep copious amounts of loose-leaf earl grey tea leaves in milk to create a very strong earl grey latte which gets whipped with our sweetened Swiss Meringue buttercream. This buttercream paired with our chocolate cake is one of our most popular flavors.
    • Fresh Lemon buttercream: Fresh organic lemons are added to our Swiss Meringue buttercream to create this tart and sweet lemon buttercream which is the perfect backdrop to our Lemon Poppyseed cake.
    • Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting: Our cinnamon cream cheese frosting has the perfect balance of tart and sweet, and is speckled with cinnamon. It compliments our Brown Sugar Carrot Cake beautifully. 

    Our Optional Fillings (all house-made)

    • Organic berry compote: We make our berry compote in-house by whisking organic berries with sugar until it gets to the perfect concentration.
    • Organic strawberry compote: Just like our berry compote, our strawberry compote is made in-house with organic strawberries and sugar to the perfect balance of sweet and tart.
    • Passionfruit curd: Tart passionfruit purée is blended with real yolks, sugar, and butter to create a luscious and smooth passionfruit curd. Pairs perfectly with our Lemon Poppyseed cake.
    • Salted Caramel: Real sugar, cream, and butter are whisked to create this smooth and salty caramel. We leave it on the heat to get the caramel as dark as possible so it has the perfect bittersweetness to it.
    • Salted Cereal Crunch: This one's for the salty and sweet lovers! Cornflake cereal crumbs are toasted with real butter and sugar to create this crunchy and flavorful crumble. Our customers love to pair this with our Chocolate cake with Vanilla buttercream or our Brown Sugar Carrot cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting.


    What are your most popular flavors?

    • Vanilla Bean cake + Vanilla buttercream + Organic Berry compote
    • Vanilla Bean cake + Strawberry buttercream
    • Chocolate cake + Vanilla buttercream + Salted Caramel
    • Chocolate cake + Earl Grey buttercream
    • Brown Sugar Carrot cake + Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting

    What flavor(s) do you recommend if I'm not serving my cake for a couple days after pick up/delivery?

    We recommend our Chocolate cake or Brown Sugar Carrot Cake as these flavors hold up the best and stay moist longer.

    Do you offer gluten-free, dairy-free, or sugar-free/lower sugar cakes?

    While we hope to offer these options one day, we don't offer them right now and don't know if and when we will be able to. We also don't offer any custom flavors beyond what is described above. That being said, we'd love to hear your requests so we know what flavors to consider adding in the future!

    Can I mix-and-match your cake and buttercream flavors even if it's not listed as an option (e.g. Vanilla Bean cake + Earl Grey buttercream)?

    Yes! We've paired our cakes and buttercreams to the most common/popular combinations to make the ordering process less overwhelming, but we are happy to mix and match cakes and buttercreams to your preference. Simply leave a request in the "Notes to the Baker" section when you place an order. If there are any issues and for some reason we cannot accommodate your request, we will send you an email as soon as we can to let you know.

    What is the best way to serve and store my cake/cupcakes?

    All cakes and cupcakes should be served at room temperature.

    Cakes: All of our cakes are stored in the refrigerator before pickup/delivery to ensure smooth transportation. However, please allow 3-4 hours for cakes to come to room temperature before serving. Cold cakes and buttercream will be hard and will soften up at room temperature.

    Cupcakes: Cupcakes should be served and stored at room temperature